August 14, 2023

Nipomo, Ca

"I hope this narrative points to the good character and high standards of fellowship that is found in Nipomo, California. At the busy intersection of Mary Ave and Teft St, as I headed toward the freeway, our family cat jumped out of the covered truck bed. Not knowing the cat had been hiding in the truck bed, a sweet woman flagged me down to report the panicked fleeing cat. Remarkably, Gin (our kitty) was quickly located in a tree at the Mary-Teft intersection. After 30 minutes of trying to encourage Gin to climb down from the tree, I knew I needed help; Gin was too high up for a simple rescue. With a cold call to JTS Tree Services, I was quickly connected to Justin, who simply said, “I’ll be right there.” Unbelievable – such willingness. As Justin arrived, more support popped up from the SLO County Park Rangers, Victor and Will. The Rangers were lunching nearby and humbly offered help to rescue Gin. The rescue involved an extension ladder, a makeshift snare pole, and a sheet. Although noting his fear of heights, Justin climbed the ladder with the snare pole. Victor held the ladder. Will and I held out the sheet as a safety net. After a couple attempts with the snare pole, Gin bounced out of the tree, falling directly into the sheet. Gin was quickly gathered in the sheet, and the bundle was tossed into the truck cab. Amazing, no? More amazing – Justin, Victor, and Will simply asked that this story be shared to demonstrate how the community of Nipomo has a huge, giving heart. Thank you gentlemen! It is wonderful to live in Nipomo, a great community. BTY – check out the other great comments on tree services by JTS – AND check out the caring work Victor and Will perform for us in the Nipomo Community Park. (Yes, this is all true!)"
July 18, 2023

Curtis & Deborah Sykes | 2023-07-14 00:22:56

"JTS Tree Service cut down our redwood tree this morning. It only took 1½ hours. We were amazed. Great guys, efficient & professional. "
July 7, 2022

Joanie Fugitt

"Thank you for another job well done! We look forward to working with you again!"
June 24, 2022

"Thanks Jason, great job! See you again."
December 22, 2021

The Best!

"If I could give JTS 6 stars, I would! I got a prompt call back, a consultation, and my tree taken care of within a week. My tree looks so great and I learned more about it’s care and growth patterns. It looks so beautiful now. JTS are pros and really nice folks! "